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  • Large Suzani wall panel,Urgat, Uzbekistan cotton embroidery on cotton size 3.66 x 2.37m width:540;;height:720
  • Detail of Suzani width:540;;height:720
  • Mounted Fragment of a chypy coat fromthe Tekke people of Turkmenistan width:640;;height:480
  • Applique dowry panel Sindh, Pakistan width:720;;height:720
  • Emboidered Dowry panel, Rajesthan India width:720;;height:720
  • Wall hanging patchwork, Rajesthan India width:960;;height:720
  • Large Bedspread, Ralli, Sami caste, Sind, Pakistan Size 1.80 x 2.40m width:960;;height:720
  • Detail of trading cloth width:960;;height:720
  • Trading cloth from India made for Sri Lanka printed cotton, mordant resist cotton dated 1898 width:540;;height:720
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